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Trecor Intimo

Men's Trecor Underwear Shirt Dryarn Polypropylene Fabric

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89% Polipropilene Dryarn, 11% Elastan Xlance


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Customer Reviews

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Are you experiencing discomfort and risks due to your sport...

Or is it your underwear that is SABOTAGING you?

True run-addicts and cyclists never give up the pleasure of running or having a nice ride, not even in low temperatures on a snowy mountain, or in a desert during the summer!

How many times have you wanted to challenge the outdoors, preparing yourself and your equipment to face any challenge the world placed between you and your goals?

It's easy for sports enthusiasts to get caught up in the heat of what you want to do and walk out the door...

However, it's important to always exercise keeping in mind that you need to choose your clothing correctly... Especially when it comes to the right shirt to wear to feel comfortable at all times!

Wearing low-quality shirts means leaving more room for perspiration, and soaking your clothes with sweat, thus causing an uncomfortable feeling on your body, as well as an excessive load of heaviness, both in summer and winter!

Have you ever found yourself completely soaked in sweat after only a few kilometers when you may not even be tired?

When we decide to wear shirts that are not very breathable, the sweat produced is felt three times more than usual, thus incurring unpleasant colds.

But suffering from a cold is not the only problem here, because wearing inappropriate t-shirts for sports such as running and cycling can cause issues for our bodies even during the warmer seasons!

Running and cycling in hot weather can be risky, giving way to dangerous heat strokes or dehydration. Because of this, it is imperative to keep your body at the right temperature at all times.

Sweating while playing sports is important, but without overdoing it. If our body sweats more than it should because of unsuitable tissues for physical activity, we get tired sooner, we run fewer miles, and we risk running into an illness that is anything but mild.

Among the various discomforts, irritations, and skin rashes that can afflict any athlete, one of the most annoying is the runner's nipple...

Nipple irritation is a direct consequence of rubbing the affected part with fabrics made of rough and hard fibers, such as cotton, nylon, or polyester.

Very often, when you decide to do some sport, you inadvertently choose these materials over others, and, once you start to sweat, these create conditions of high humidity that slow down the sporting activity of any athlete.

The low-cost brands of sportswear, in fact, mainly use polyester material for the production of their garments...

In addition to being the cause of the serious environmental impact to which the world is currently subjected, this material also damages our bodies while doing sports!

How does it do this?

  • Polyester fabric has low moisture absorption. As a result, wearing this type of shirt while sporting causes a sticky feeling, and at the same time can bring static electricity and sweat, thus affecting comfort during exercise!

  • Polyester can cause skin allergies, especially in individuals with high perspiration, and just as well it can magnetize hair, animal hair, and other small debris.

  • After a few uses, t-shirts made from this material will discolor and lose their dyes, often causing allergic reactions on our bodies!

Don't let the wrong choice about your sportswear stop you from continuing to pursue your passions:

Take care of your health by choosing high quality, even when you work out!

A sports shirt made of fiber that absorbs sweat and dries immediately, offering a more comfortable feeling while running or cycling, helps prevent all these problems!

Any athlete dreams of wearing a shirt that makes them feel comfortable while taking care of their body...

And the undershirt Trecor fully fulfills this purpose... With a fabric that’s more breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool, and lighter than any other fiber!

Undershirt Trecor was born from the experience of true fabric craftsmen with over twenty years of experience behind: Trecor, XLance, and Dryarn... To bring the REVOLUTION OF COMFORT even in the world of sport.

Guaranteed lightness at all times.

Wearing the Trecor’s undershirt, you will only have to worry about training properly or winning the race... because we take care of the rest! The lightness of these t-shirts will increase your comfort level during every sporting activity: with Dryarn you won't even notice you're wearing an undershirt while training!

Maximum breathability and rids you of excess sweat.

Unlike polyester, which causes the formation of those unsightly and annoying balls as a result of rubbing, Dryarn has much higher levels of breathability.

Maintaining a dry feeling at all times, the Dryarn’s thermal shirts can collect sweat, transferring it from the skin to the outside of the fabric, and then releasing it into the environment most naturally and effectively.

Sweating during sports is definitely good for you... But it's better to get rid of it as soon as possible to avoid problems such as bad odor and stains!

Incredible thermal insulation thanks to the fabric’s strength.

Dryarn, as a dermatologically tested product, has been engineered to insulate our bodies from external temperatures through a barrier that’s insulating and breathable at the same time, protecting athletes from both the cold of the winter months and the heat during the summer.

The use of this thermal shirt suitable for all sports is recommended during all months of the year. It will adapt to you, and not the other way around, like the poor quality thermal shirts on the market!

Fast in drying, even after each wash.

In addition to the advantage of absorbing with extreme speed and easing the sweat on our body during sports activities, the Trecor’s underwear shirt does not even need excessive washing because, unlike polyester, it does not develop bad odors and it doesn’t retain stains.

A unique feature of this fabric is its drying speed after each wash: Thanks to its low absorption coefficient, Dryarn eliminates the sweat during training more quickly, and then, at the same time, is also able to quickly absorb water after each wash, making the shirts ready to be used even when just out of the washing machine!